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China has many valve industry chains, but it is not a powerful valve country

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China has many valve industry chains, but it is not a powerful valve country. Generally speaking, China has entered the ranks of the world's largest valve countries, but there is still a long gap from the valve power in terms of product quality. The phenomena of low production concentration, low R & D capacity of valves matched with high-end products, low manufacturing technology level of valve industry still exist, and the import and export trade deficit continues to expand.

The next few years will be the high-speed shock period of the valve industry. The direct consequence of this high-speed shock is the expansion of the polarization trend in the valve brand camp. There are absolutely not so many valve enterprises that can really survive in the market. However, this high-speed shock in the valve industry will bring great opportunities, and the result of the shock will make the market operation more rational.

As a very important part of environmental protection equipment, automatic control valve has achieved rapid development under the influence of environmental protection policy and market in recent years. Through the analysis of the automatic control valve market, it is not difficult to find that China's automatic control valve product market has a wide development prospect, but how to better seize the opportunities, face the upcoming challenges and break through the bottleneck of the development of industry enterprises is a big problem related to the survival of enterprises.

China's valve market price is relatively stable. Although it rises and falls slightly every year, the range is very small. At present, there are many problems in the automatic control valve market. First, some operators are cheap, buy nameless valves without factories, and mark the nameplates and certificates of famous manufacturers, causing great damage to the reputation of formal valve enterprises. Secondly, there is a lack of innovative valves. Some operators sell the paint after simple derusting of waste valves, which brings great potential safety hazards to the project quality. In addition, there is still a large gap in high-end technology compared with foreign famous manufacturers such as Fisher and rotoc. The lack of professionals has become a bottleneck restricting the further development of China's automatic control valve industry, which is bound to affect the world competitiveness of China's automatic control valve industry. For a long time in the future, product technology will become another bottleneck restricting the development of automatic control valve products in China.

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