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After sale

Product quality assurance and after-sales service

1. Our company guarantees that the goods supplied are brand-new, advanced, mature and complete, manufactured with first-class technology and the best materials, and fully meet the quality, technical specifications and performance requirements specified in the contract. Ensure that the goods provided have satisfactory performance within their service life after correct installation, normal operation and maintenance.

2. All raw materials of the company are controlled in strict accordance with national standards, American Petroleum Association, American Society of Mechanical Engineers standards and quality control documents of ISO9001:2000 quality management system. All sub suppliers are inspected and reviewed, and all products are purchased only from qualified sub suppliers. Raw materials, purchased parts and outsourced parts provided by sub suppliers must be strictly rechecked and inspected before warehousing;

3. Raw materials shall be identified by zoning, tagging, color code and other methods after entering the plant to avoid mixing and misuse; The double and three inspection systems of "self inspection, mutual inspection, full-time inspection", "first inspection, patrol inspection and completion inspection" shall be strictly implemented in the processing process to ensure that the products produced meet the specified requirements;

4. Full time inspectors are arranged for finished products to inspect and test products in strict accordance with national standards. The one-time delivery acceptance rate of products reaches 98% and the ex factory acceptance rate of products reaches 100%.

5. The company is responsible for the quality and delivery date of products. The warranty period is 12 months from the date of product delivery.

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