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Unfavorable and favorable factors for the development of China's electric valve industry

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1. Favorable factors

(1) Good prospects

According to the investment analysis and prospect forecast report of China's valve industry from 2016 to 2020 released by CIC consultant, with the continuous improvement of electric valve technology and the continuous expansion of the application field of electric valves, the corresponding valve standards are becoming more and more indispensable. The products of the valve industry have entered a period of innovation. Not only the product categories need to be updated and replaced, but also the internal management of the enterprise needs to deepen the reform according to the industry standards.

With the continuous acceleration of the reorganization of the electric valve industry, the competition between the valve industry in the future will be the competition between the quality and safety of electric valve products and product brands, and the products will develop in the direction of high technology, high parameters, strong corrosion resistance and high service life. Under the huge demand environment, the domestic valve manufacturing industry will also show a very good development prospect. Therefore, while making full use of the existing standards, we need to look forward to the future and study new standards and new systems that can be applied in the future, so as to promote the development of valve technology at a higher level.

(2) Chemical and energy industries have become a new growth point in the valve market

For a long time, the demand for electric valves in the energy industry has maintained a solid and stable growth rate. The total power generation of thermal power stations and nuclear power stations built all over the world is 2679030mw, that of the United States is 743391mw, and that of new power station projects in other countries is 780000mw, which will increase by 40% in the next few years. Europe, South America, Asia, especially China's energy market will become a new growth point of the valve market.

The chemical industry ranks first in the industry with an output value of more than 1.5 trillion US dollars and is also one of the largest demand markets for valves. The chemical industry needs industrial valves with mature design, high processing quality and rare materials. In recent years, the competition in the chemical market has become extremely fierce, and many chemical manufacturers have to cut costs in the face of competition.

2. Adverse factors

(1) Lack of professionals

The lack of professionals has become a bottleneck restricting the further development of China's electric valve industry. The development and growth of the valve industry is inseparable from the investment of high-quality talents. We should learn to allocate and apply talents scientifically, make the best of everything and people, and pay attention to the cultivation of talents. The development of the industry is inseparable from talents. How to ensure the stability of the whole workforce is a problem that every producer and operator should consider. With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, the outstanding performance is "new". Only through continuous innovation can we maintain the competitiveness of industrial development, take the lead everywhere and have a better way out.

(2) Fierce market competition

Electric valve is a product with low profit margin, and the market competition is very fierce. At present, China's valve industry is a labor-intensive industry, and China's electric valve industry is still dominated by volume expansion. The foreign market has been very active in recent years and the competition is quite fierce. The import and export of electric valves in East and Southeast Asia grew rapidly, the market trade between developed countries such as the European Community in North America continued to develop, the export of countries and regions such as Germany, Italy, Japan and China expanded, and the rapid growth of imports from countries such as the United States, Britain and France formed the support point for the prosperity of the international valve market. Moreover, due to the further internationalization of the world economy, Multinational companies will continue to promote the development of the international valve market, and the regionalization of international trade is bound to become another major feature. Although there are more and more valve products from China flowing in the international valve market, the voice of the international valve market is not in the hands of Chinese enterprises.

(3) Backward products and unbalanced development

According to the investment analysis and prospect forecast report of China's electric valve industry from 2016 to 2020 released by CIC consultant, improving the level and grade of electric valve products is the primary problem to be broken through in the future development of China's electric valve industry. The depression of the whole electric valve industry has led to the backwardness of China's valve products, which is an important factor restricting the development of China's valve products. Before the government held the "west to East Gas Transmission" project, many local valve enterprises passed by. In addition to the overall environmental factors, some other factors, such as backward equipment and technology, low degree of specialization and small market scale, are also the bottleneck restricting the development of the valve industry.

For the domestic electric valve industry, there is also a large gap between the mainland and the coast. The mainland valve industry has a low starting point, small scale, low degree of specialization and low degree of marketization, which widens the gap with the coast and leads to the unbalanced development of the domestic valve industry.

(4) Bad competition

There is bad competition in the industry. For example, some operators transform and renovate the waste valves and carry out the second sales after renovation, which brings very serious potential safety hazards to the project quality and seriously disrupts the order and seriousness of the valve market.

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