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Characteristics of wedge electric gate valve

See:0  Release date:2021-10-12

1. The valve body adopts the result modeling suitable for the lining process requirements: the inner cavity of the valve body and bonnet, the gate, the outer surface of the valve rod and other components directly in contact with the medium are all lined with fluoroplastics such as FEP (F46) or PCTFE (F3);

2. The sealing pair is FEP (F46) / FEP (F46) or other material combination, with small friction coefficient and low opening and closing torque

3. PTFE (F4) standard packing is adopted for packing, with good sealing performance and convenient maintenance and replacement;

4. The ram with elasticity can compensate the sealing deviation between the ram sealing surface and the valve seat, with good coincidence and ideal sealing effect;

5. The medium can pass through the gate valve from any direction on both sides, which is suitable for the pipeline with possible change of medium direction as the opening and closing device

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